Johnson Consulting - Real Estate Consulting

Project Highlights

  • Financial Feasibility Study
  • Economic Impact Study
  • Comparison of demographic attributes associated with successful minor league baseball locales
  • Review of Financial Lease Agreement

The City of Biloxi engaged Johnson Consulting to serve as an advisor for a proposed baseball stadium development, centrally located within the City’s downtown. The City of Biloxi was in the midst of determining the economic ramifications of a ballpark development for the proposed minor league team.
Further, the City was seeking guidance regarding multiple factors pertaining to the ballpark development that included the proposed financing structure for the project and the economic ripple effect such a development would have on the City, County, and State. Ultimately, Johnson Consulting conducted an in-depth independent study of the proposed minor league baseball stadium. Additionally, our report consisted of a review of minor league baseball industry trends, comparative analysis of similar minor league markets as well as the projected total economic and fiscal impacts of the proposed stadium.

Johnson Consulting’s straightforward analysis highlighted market opportunity and the demographic attributes of Biloxi as being the key factor for success of the proposed minor league baseball stadium and compared those attributes to other successful minor league locales. Another important consideration for the project was how to leverage the development of a minor league ballpark that induces future development around the ballpark.