Johnson Consulting - Real Estate Consulting

Project Highlights

  • Market and financial analysis for the development of a new on campus football stadium
  • Evaluation of Specialty Revenue potential, including club seats, luxury suites, naming rights, and capital contributions from the corporate community
  • Demand and market support patterns within the area
  • Evaluated housing as a funding resources for venue

Johnson Consulting provided a market and financial analysis for the development of a new on-campus football stadium for Florida Atlantic University (FAU). As the project advanced, our report was used by design and finance team members and University administration as a basis of information. Johnson Consulting undertook a program of services designed to accomplish the following major objectives:

  • To communicate the transaction structure, in order to isolate demand, revenue and expense factors pertinent to the Stadium project specifically,
  • A demand and market support patterns within the competitive area for the regional stadium marketplace,
  • To identify and evaluate the competitive environment for the proposed stadium, should FAU decide to allow for other events within the facility besides university football games,
  • To independently estimate achievable demand potential for the football stadium’s elements on behalf of the FIU, and
  • To present a ten year projection of revenue, expenses, debt service and funds available for other purposes and coverage ratios.