Johnson Consulting - Real Estate Consulting

Project Highlights

  • Amphitheater market analysis, including regional and national comparable facilities
  • Projection of event and attendance demand
  • Calculation of operating revenues available for debt service

The City of Fort Worth engaged C.H. Johnson Consulting to prepare a feasibility analysis for a proposed amphitheater located in Gateway Park a large park immediately south and east of downtown Fort Worth, along I-35. Our work was required to communicate the viability of an amphitheater in the local market, as part of the Trinity River redevelopment project. This area of the City has not seen much investment and economic development of late and the City wishes to upgrade the park with a sports complex, a river walk and the amphitheater in order to support this area of the community. Our analysis helped identify what size of facility would be appropriate and projected operating revenues.

C.H. Johnson Consulting’s efforts found the need for added flexibility of the facility to host a wide range of performances and events, cost effective operations, as well as management and promoter recommendations. We compared the proposed project to Ravinia, Chastain Park, Koka Booth, and others finding that the Koka Booth model was the best model facility.