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Project Highlights

  • Restructuring of SJCC chart of accounts
  • Demand, operating, and financial comparative analysis with six peer facilities
  • Management, policy, & performance solutions
  • Workshop with City Council to discuss merits of the City’s unique approach

Team San Jose engaged C.H. Johnson Consulting, Inc. (C.H. Johnson Consulting) to conduct a comparative analysis regarding revenues, expenses, and operating costs for the San Jose McEnery Convention Center (SJCC). This study presented a comparative analysis of the SJCC’s operating revenues and costs and other factors in relation to a set of carefully selected peer facilities. This information is allowing management and stakeholders to evaluate the true performance of the SJCC’s competitive position in the convention center marketplace, identify strategies to increase the SJCC’s market penetration, and provide a framework for ongoing policy decisions.

Prior to this report, the revenue and expenses for the SJCC were reported in conjunction with the adjacent cultural facilities that Team San Jose operates. This study clearly isolated the revenue and expenses of the SJCC from the other facilities that Team San Jose manages in order to accurately gauge the operational performance of the San Jose Convention Center in comparison to several other peer facilities.

In our judgment, Team San Jose is doing an effective job, from both an operational and leadership perspective. Uniquely, the structure in San Jose links the SJCC, San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the hospitality industry in a way that is much more strategic than that seen in almost all other convention center operations nationally. The hospitality industry is engaged at both the CVB and the facilities level rather than having the Convention Center operation buried in a city departmental structure.