Johnson Consulting - Real Estate Consulting

Project Highlights

  • Convention Center and hotel market studies
  • Financial projections
  • Room tax projections
  • CVB/Center marketing strategies

Osceola County has been considering a 250,000-square foot (exhibit space) convention center and 800-room convention headquarters hotel.

C.H. Johnson Consulting performed a full market, operational, and financial analysis of the planned facilities for both the County and for Piper Jaffray’s underwriting of the project. C.H. Johnson Consulting developed demand projections a financial model and room tax projections for both the convention center and hotel.

Subsequently, we projected room tax revenue for the entire County, providing financial advisors a sound basis to finance the above facilities.

The project has been contemplated prior to the economic recession and the travel downturn that has existed since early 2001. As a result, C.H. Johnson Consulting had to undertake exhaustive research on the performance of the convention and hotel markets on multiple occasions to confirm the feasibility of the project. Central Florida is one of the nations’s top destinations (second only to Las Vegas) and the proposed convention and hotel complex would be an enhancement to the County, helping it capture continually expanding demand occurring in Central Florida.