Johnson Consulting - Real Estate Consulting

Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive real estate case studies of six existing WTC’s
    • Boston
    • Dresden
    • Macau
    • New York
    • Sao Paulo
    • Taipei
  • Develop a method that individual WTCs could use to estimate economic impacts for their market
  • Will become a definitive sales tool for individual WTCs and the WTCA over time

C.H. Johnson Consulting was engaged by the World Trade Centers Association of New York (WTCA) to conduct market position analyses, economic impact studies and case studies for six World Trade Centers (WTCs) internationally. The World Trade Centers being profiled are in Boston, Dresden, Macau, New York, Sao Paulo, and Taipei.

The objective of the analysis was to prepare an independent and credible analysis that demonstrates if World Trade Centers conceived and executed properly, achieve demand and rent premiums in their respective marketplaces, the impact they have on their neighborhoods, and the economic impact they have on their respective economies. This research is serving the following purposes:

  • Assist lenders in making decisions about financing WTCs.
  • Serve as a tool for use by the Association in encouraging poorly performing WTCs to exploit their potential by developing physical properties and services as seen by the more successful operations.
  • Help WTCs communicate with their local and national governments, raising the consciousness of the WTC’s role within the market place and also providing information so WTCs can argue for tax abatements, public support, etc., given their potential economic development role in the marketplace.
  • Assist the WTCA in servicing existing and potential members by helping them identify a winning formula in their respective market places.

We were engaged by the WTCA to update the assignment in 2005.