Johnson Consulting - Real Estate Consulting

Project Highlights

  • An indoor sports complex with youth event focus
  • Consulting addressed:
    • Facility programming and offerings
    • Demand and financial projections
    • Economic and fiscal impact analysis

Johnson Consulting worked with the Rockford Park District and Dream Team Tournaments to determine the market potential and feasibility of a youth oriented sports village in Rockford. The venue would follow the concept employed at the Cooperstown Baseball Complex. The City is ideally located within a two hour drive of approximately 13 million people in cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. In addition, a nearby international airport and major interstates provide convenient access to the City and residents.

The sports complex is designed for regional/national/international youth indoor sporting competitions; the initial concept is a 20+ acre complex featuring 13 indoor multipurpose sports fields over two buildings, one of which is an arena. The project is aimed primarily at providing a hub for youth oriented basketball tournaments during the summer months, and will target other tournaments for other sports during the fall, winter, and spring. In addition, league sports are expected to occupy the multipurpose fields with a variety of sports including, tennis, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, etc.

Also, the area is expected to include a mix of hospitality, retail, dormitories, and administrative support buildings, thus incorporating the local hotel community while also offering a needed amenity for the complex’s camp programs. Retail space will provide additional revenue’s through land leases and will provide added services for participants and spectators.

Johnson Consulting has continued to work will all parties to provide consulting services towards the implementation and operation of the venue.