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Navigating the Complex Land, Planning, Design-for-Profit, Financing and Development Process on Behalf of Our Clients:

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Martin Schiffman is a real estate investment management, development and and consulting professional who acts as Johnson Consulting’s New York affiliate to guide our clients through the complexities of the development process. The primary focus of the New York practice is as follows;

  • To give owners/investors a clear land acquisition, planning and pre-development (and development) strategy to maximize the value of real estate assets (whether land and/or buildings) by obtaining the appropriate approvals and zoning, and;
  • To deliver the planned, approved and zoned property to its owners with alternatives; sale, joint venturing or self-development by its owners.

Johnson Consulting through Mr. Schiffman acts as the “alter ego” in the development process on behalf of the non-developer client. The goal is to create a “roadmap” to take a real estate asset through the planning and pre-development process to the state where it is “shovel ready” and present the owner with alternatives for going forward. Those alternatives typically consist of selling a now more valuable asset, co-venturing a project, or developing for one’s own account. The services are designed to produce a result which will be acceptable to financing entities, without which a project cannot proceed.

Mr. Schiffman’s primary specialty is in the area of urban economic development. He has a Masters Degree from New York University in Urban Planning and a notable track record in the concepting, planning, designing and actually developing over a billion dollars of urban reclamation and value-added projects. He has made investments in, or studied, a significant number of global and domestic markets including making investments in approximately 35 markets in the United States. Since 1989, in connection with his eight year board membership on the World Trade Centers Association, the governing body for 330 World Trade Centers around the world, he has studied other important cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. During his tenure and participation with the World Trade Centers Association he reviewed over 100 license applications and project proposals for important World Trade Center developments around the world, including those which were the catalyst projects in redevelopment districts.

Mr. Schiffman’s involvement in, and management of, significant land and planning strategies, and urban redevelopment projects in the U.S. include projects in important districts such as;

  • The North Tribeca Historic District (NYC);
  • Central Boston Waterfront/Financial District;
  • The Bunker Hill Redevelopment District (Los Angeles);
  • Philadelphia’s Central Riverfront District;
  • Town of Islip Industrial Development Authority (Long Island, New York);
  • The Pierce County Master Planning District (State of Washington);
  • The Glen Cove Redevelopment District (Long Island, New York);
  • The North Camden Redevelopment District;
  • The Washington Avenue Redevelopment District (St. Louis)

The St. Louis development partnership won an award from the local historical preservation society for the tasteful redevelopment of a nationally-listed landmarked downtown hotel.

Case Studies

The following are examples of the expertise that Johnson Consulting brings to its clients in the area of development. Mr. Schiffman acted, in every case, as the Managing, or significant, Principal for the entity developing the project.

50 Glen Street
75 State Street
Bunker Hill
Claremont Office Center
Coopers Poynt
Mayfair Hotel
Renaissance Plaza

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